All You Need to Know About the Secret
There has been much about 'The Secret' that many people are looking for information, trying to understand what it is. Ever since the Documentary movie and a book of the same name came out way back in 2007, many people have been interested in the teachings and principles expressed therein. And many have wondered about the so-called secret in ' The Secret ' and whether it should be called as such. A careful examination of the book and the DVD set as well reveals a number of 'secrets.'
To begin with, 'The Secret is the law of attraction. This is given from the onset of both the book and the documentary so that the readers or viewers know what is being talked about. This law of attraction basically says that a man's life is the total sum of his thoughts, actions, and attitudes, in essence, you are what you think. This idea is presented and elaborated in the entire book and the movie as well.

Secondly, The Secret only teaches what is common knowledge, only that it has been assumed for far too long. And that is that the experiences we have on a daily basis can be directly attributed to what we focus our attention on. This means that our attitudes and perceptions will ultimately impact those things that happen to us every day, whether good or bad. For instance, one who starts his/her day angry at someone or frustrated at something will generally have a sour day. The opposite is also true. The reason is that once, an incidence occurs and we focus all our attention on it; we tend to interpret the rest of the events in relation to the first one, even if they are not related.

Additionally, The Secret teaches that it is possible for everyone can control their own destiny. This is the realization that they can control their thoughts and attitudes and, consequently, their actions. This puts them squarely in charge of their destiny, imbuing them with the ability to steer it in whatever direction they want it to go.
The principles outlined in the book and the movie are true enough and have been shown to work effectively. Perhaps that's why The Secret has been so successfully applied, including having the book translated into over 40 languages. Its principles are simple enough to adopt for people of all ages and diversity in life. It is has birthed the positive affirmation movement that is part of the self-improvement drive. Through it, people who experience challenges with their self-esteem are helped to boost their confidence and, therefore face life without fear. Read 
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