Self-Help Development
There are many people who have come up known as motivational speakers or better still, life coaches. This is a career no one anticipated about ten years back. However, due to life challenges such as depression resulting to failure which eventually lead to suicide, these great people had to fill in the gap. They are doing a tremendous job, by all means. Nevertheless, some of them charge extravagantly high making the services inaccessible for some people who can't afford to even pay their house rent. All is not lost for such people because they can still attain self-help development in the following ways. See these  daily affirmations  

Read good books.
Good books create a paradise for anyone who is going through a rough patch in life. There are a number of websites that provide free access to these books that speak life to people who have lost self-affirmation. One can also go to the library and borrow the books.

Stay away from pessimist people.
Misery breeds in company. If one wants to regain themselves, it will only be prudent if they entertain people who speak positive affirmations to them. People who encourage them to speak well of themselves. This is a simple therapy, but it helps immensely in daily affirmation that one is good and can be anyone they would want to be, or achieve their goals. Read about 

Be in touch with yourself.
Positive affirmations about oneself are very important. They do not need to come from anyone else but also from yourself. As someone who is geared for self-development, knowing your strengths and weakness is the first step to take. Your strengths will help you to encourage yourself to keep doing your best. Your weaknesses on the other hand will trigger your daily affirmations to do things differently and in the right way.

Keep a journal.
Unknown to many people, writing is a great therapy for self-development more so in self-affirmation. Putting in records your achievements stirs one to keep working hard. It also helps in keeping track of progress and stirs one to positively affirm their growth. The journal also gives one time to meditate on their journey for example weight loss journey or when dealing with loss, of any kind.

Finally, every person needs to know that they are their own cheer leaders. If the motivation doesn't come their way, they need to look for it with all that they have. Above all, self-development is a personal responsibility.